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Voting matters — To advance the understanding of preferential voting systems

Issue 28, February 2011

(Complete issue in PDF, 448KB.)


There are four items in this issue:


This is the first issue of Voting matters that I have edited. I plan to continue the practice, with which the journal started, of reproducing old documents that are relevant to preferential voting systems. Documents emerging from relevant committees of the Electoral Reform Society will also be considered for publication. But I expect that the preponderance of the items published will, like all four items in this issue, be new contributions from persons conducting their own inquiries. I also plan to continue publishing occasional reviews. Issues will continue to appear when there is sufficient material, and not according to a schedule.
Nicolaus Tideman

Readers are reminded that views expressed in Voting matters by contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the McDougall Trust or its trustees.

Papers with citations

  1. Frank Bezzina and Anton Buhagiar: STV 4+: A Proportional System for Malta's Electoral Process. (p1-14, PDF 84KB)
  2. Ross Hyman: Divisor Method Proportional Representation in Preference-Ballot Elections. (p15-31, PDF 212KB)
  3. Simon Gazeley: STV with Elimination of Discounted Contenders. (p32-35, PDF 37KB)
  4. Michael Mernagh: What's in a Name? A Political Myth? (p36-50, PDF 405KB)

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