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Voting matters — To advance the understanding of preferential voting systems

Issue 29, October 2011

(Complete issue in PDF, 402KB.)


There are five items in this issue:

Readers are reminded that views expressed in Voting matters by contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the McDougall Trust or its trustees.

Papers with citations

  1. James Green-Armytage: Four Condorcet-Hare Hybrid Methods for Single-Winner Elections. (p1-14, PDF 252KB)
  2. I.D. Hill: Party Lists and Preference Voting. (p15-19, PDF 43KB)
  3. Peter Emerson: The Matrix Vote: Electing an All-Party Coalition Cabinet . (p20-31, PDF 143KB)
  4. Svante Janson: Another Note on the Droop Quota and Rounding (p32-34, PDF 31KB)
  5. Markus Schulze: Review -- Voting Theory for Democracy (p35-37, PDF 31KB)

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