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Voting matters - for the technical issues of STV

Issue 8, May 1997


In this issue, a new format is being used, but without any change to the content or type of material being published.

It is hoped that future issues of Voting matters will be made available via the Internet. However, printed copies will continue to be made which can be ordered from ERS. Due to some limitations of the most straightforward means of producing material on the World Wide Web, the printed copies will be the master ones, and presentation on the Web may have some defects.

The first article which lists those organisations known to use STV is an example of material which should be available on the Web anyway. Given this, then updating the list can more easily be undertaken.

As before, I am concerned about the lack of variety in the authors of material. Electronic publication could easily encourage contributions from other countries.

Brian Wichmann.

Papers with citations

  1. (Editor) Organisations using STV
  2. E M Syddique & B A Wichmann: Quotation Marks
  3. I D Hill: Are non-transferables bad? [21, 6-11, PDF].
  4. B A Wichmann: Some Council Elections
  5. I D Hill: Measuring proportionality [9, 6-7], [10, 7-10]. [16, 5-6].

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