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Notes on the production of Voting matters

Currently, this publicationis not formally copyrighted. However, copies are lodged with the British Library. Please remember to credit Voting matters as a source when material from it is used.

One problem with HTML is that different browsers can display the same HTML in quite different ways. More worrying, incorrect HTML can fail on one browser and yet produce the 'required' output on another. To overcome these problems, the HTML used here is very simple, and tools have been used to check various aspects of the HTML. For these reasons, the 'paper' version of Voting matters must be regarded as the authoritative one. However, the PDF version is thought to be an exact copy of the printed version.

From Issue 17 onwards, PDF has been used with a slightly different format. Every article starts on a new page and hence can have its own version in PDF.

Issues 1-10 have been reprocessed to form a single PDF file. In doing this, the opportunity has been taken to correct some errors noted below.

Typographical errors

These errors will only be of interest to those having the original printed copies of Issues 1-10. Thanks to Jonathan Lundell for noticing the errors in Issue 1.
  1. Errors recorded (corrected August 2005 to PDF):
  2. Page 3, column 1, penultimate paragraph, replace 6 occurences of 'y/2y' by 'y/2'.
  3. Errors recorded:
  4. Page 8, column 1, line -3, 'case' should be 'cases'.
  5. Page 9, column 2, line -14, 'Woodhall' should be 'Woodall'.
  6. Page 10, column 1, line 17, 'elect keep' should be 'elect to keep'.
  7. Page 10, column 1, line -4, 'who's' should be 'whose'.
  8. Page 10, column 2, line 10, 'Woodhall' should be 'Woodall'.
  9. Page 10, column 2, line 10, 'raises different' should be 'raises a different'.
  10. Page 10, column 2, line 18, 'that in this election that' should be 'in this election that'.
  11. Page 10, column 2, line 32, 'they are' should be 'are they'.
  12. Page 11, reference 3, 'Woodhall' should be 'Woodall'.
  13. Errors recorded:
  14. Page 3, column 2, line 2, '. this' should be '. This'.
  15. Errors recorded:
  16. Page 3, column 2, line -2, 'in diagonal' should be 'in the diagonal'.
  17. Errors recorded:
  18. Page 8, column 1, line 25, 'gives' should be 'give'.
  19. Errors recorded:
  20. Page 8, column 2, line 3, 'disproportionaly' should be 'disproportionately'.
  21. None recorded.
  22. Errors recorded:
  23. Page 2, column 1, line 3, 'organisation' should be 'organisations'.
  24. Page 2, column 2, line 20, 'Ecomonics' should be 'Economics'.
  25. Page 3, column 1, line 8, 'Student's' should be 'Students''.
  26. Page 3, column 2, second line of 'A reply', 'quotations' should be 'quotation'.
  27. Page 4, column 2, fourth line of 'Introduction', 'publically' should be 'publicly'.
  28. Page 5, column 2, line 7, 'was' should be 'were'.
  29. Page 5, first sub-heading, 'Four real elections' should be 'Five real elections'.
  30. Page 6, column 1, line -3, 'meek' should be 'Meek'.
  31. Errors recorded:
  32. Page 2, column 2, line 17, 'in-compatible' should be 'incompatible'.
  33. Page 6, column 2, line -3, '3*n/2' should be '3n/2'.
  34. Page 7, first reference, 'Issue 7' should be 'Issue 6'.
  35. Errors recorded:
  36. Page 6, first column, line 3, 'conducing' should be 'conducting'.
  37. Page 6, column 2, line starting 'a)', 'transfers' should be 'transfer'.
  38. Page 7, first column, line 6, 'becasue' should be 'because'.
  39. Page 7, first column, line 10, 'particulat' should be 'particular'.
  40. Page 7, first column, line 12, 'decode' should be 'decide'.
  41. Page 8, first column, line -5, should be before table.
  42. Page 9, first column, last three lines, should be on next column.
  43. Page 9, second column, line 1, should be after table.
  44. Page 10, first column, line 4, Add full stop.
  45. Page 10, second column, last three references should be numbered 14, 14 and 15.
Poor page breaks have not been recorded, although those have been corrected for the combined printing (and PDF).

File structure

Each issue has its own directory: ISSUEi. Within that directory, the editorial and index to the papers is in INDEX.HTM. Each paper is Pj.HTM, when in HTML. The PDF file for issue dd, paper xx is stored in file IddPxx.PDF.
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