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Voting matters - for the technical issues of STV

Issue 3, December 1994


In this issue we have a mixture of papers. There is a continuing debate about revisions to the ERS rules, which arose from Fennell's paper in the last issue. Hill and I, in separate papers, consider the effect of small changes - steadiness or stability. Global properties and local properties are the topic of Woodall's paper which I hope could be used as a basis for terminology and analysis in further issues of Voting matters. It would be nice to automate all suggested algorithms for STV and compare them against a library of test cases. Unfortunately, the effort involved often precludes this which means that choices are being made on less than perfect information (not unlike elections themselves).

Brian Wichmann.

Papers with citations

  1. B A Wichmann: The problem of stability [4, 3].
  2. I D Hill: The comparative steadiness test of electoral methods [7, 2-4]. [23, 3-9, PDF].
  3. P Dean: Response to the paper by R J C Fennell [4, 1].
  4. I D Hill: Are better STV rules worthwhile? - A reply to R J C Fennell [4, 1]. [13, 9-12]. [18, 2-5, PDF].
  5. D R Woodall: Properties of Preferential Election Rules [4, 3], [7, 1-2], [7, 2-4], [8, 4], [10, 7-10], [11, 5-6], [12, 9-13], [14, 2-4], [15, 2-5], [15, 13-16]. [18, 1 PDF].

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