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Voting matters - for the technical issues of STV

Issue 4, August 1995


Readers will have noticed that there has been a significant delay in the appearance of this issue. The reason is very simple - a lack of sufficient material. Also, in reading this issue, you will see many familiar names amongst the authors. The conclusion is that we need a wider base for the authorship than we have currently. Hence could I ask all readers to ensure that friends with similar interests subscribe to Voting matters?

In the last paper in this issue, Douglas Woodall uses barycentric coordinates to present the analysis of election results with three candidates. Unfortunately, this elegant method of presentation is regarded by the media as too complex for general use. In consequence, in the recent three-way by-election, the comparison between the previous general election and the by-election was hard to understand. Perhaps this is an advantage to the three party managers who could all claim a 'victory'.

Brian Wichmann.

Papers with citations

  1. P Dean: Progressive Elimination
  2. I D Hill: Meek and monotonicity
  3. I D Hill: Trying to find a winning set of candidates [12, 2-5]. [15, 13-16].
  4. B A Wichmann: A simple model of voter behaviour [5, 6-10]. [21, 6-11, PDF].
  5. D R Woodall: Monotonicity - An In-Depth Study of One Example [15, 5-10].

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