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Voting matters - for the technical issues of STV

Issue 5, January 1996


In this issue, two long and one short article appear which I hope will be of substantial interest to readers. In the first, Crispin Allard produces some estimates of the likely rate of non-monotonicity, based upon a mock election. Secondly, Hugh Warren gives an interesting example of the Condorcet paradox which can only serve to show the inherent complexity of preferential voting. Lastly, I report on a program which attempts to produce plausible election data from STV result sheets.

Papers with citations

  1. C Allard: Estimating the Probability of Monotonicity Failure in a UK General Election
  2. C H E Warren: An example showing that Condorcet infringes a precept of preferential voting systems [22, 1-6, PDF].
  3. B A Wichmann: Producing plausible party election data [8, 4-7]. [21, 6-11, PDF].

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